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SiLSiP the Children in Care Council SiLSiP stands for “Say it Loud Say it Proud” and it’s the name of Bracknell Forest Council’s Children in Care Council.

SiLSiP is the voice of all children who are in care or leaving care. Its a group of looked after young people who get together regularly to help the council make sure it’s doing the best it can for children and young people. SiLSiP tell the council what it’s doing well and what it can improve and change for all children and young people who are looked after.

You can join SiLSiP by speaking to the Child Participation Development Officer.

Find out what SiLSiP have changed and improved

You can get involved by

  • Coming to a SiLSiP (Say it Loud Say it Proud) meeting, we meeting once a month at the Zone youth centre.  We have dinner, then talk about issues important to you. 
  • Getting involved in one of our projects
  • Taking part in a SiLSiP holiday activity.  We have organised a great range of activities like baking, canoeing, performing arts, football, camping, go karting, just to name a few.
  • Helping Managers interview for new Social Workers and other staff. 
  • Writing an article or drawing a picture for the SiLSiP newsletter
  • Training to be one of our “Do you know?” trainers.  This training was created by young people in care and helps adults to see things from your point of view.
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  • By knowing The Pledge This is a list of promises other young people thought were important and the council have made them to you. If the council is not keeping the Pledge you need to tell us so we can change things.

  • Take part in a participation event like our Bracknell Big Ballot – this is held every year and is your chance to let us know how we’re doing on our Pledge and vote on the issue that SiLSiP will work on next.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the opportunities get in touch with Louise MacLennan the Participation Officer on 01344 351 546

Or you can ask your Social Worker or Foster Carer to get in touch.