Staying Healthy

  • Have a health assessment
  • Be registered with a doctor, dentist and optician
  • Get any health advice you need
  • Be able to talk confidentiality to a doctor or nurse about your health for example about diet, body changes, drugs, alcohol, relationships or anything that’s worrying you.

You have a health assessment so that we can find out any medical issues that you may need help with, these may include physical or emotional health needs?

It’s really important that you have these assessments so that any problems can be picked up early and we can help you with them.

You will have an Initial Health Assessment when you first become Looked After and this will be carried out by a qualified Health Professional. You will then have Review Health Assessments every 12 months and these are normally carried out by the Specialist Nurse for children and young people in care, or another qualified Health Professional. The Specialist Nurse can be contacted via your Social Worker if you want to speak to or see them between appointments.