Here are some myths and facts about leaving care – things that some people believe and communicate about local authority duties and young people’s entitlements. But what does the Law and new regulations and guidance actually say?

This is a myth; if you are an eligible child and entitled to a service the local authority can support you until you are 25. When you leave care there’ll be a meeting to help you work out what you are going to do next.
This is a myth; if you’re leaving care you’ll have a statutory meeting to discuss your future, including what support you’ll need.

Things that will be discussed at your meeting are:

  • Where you are going to live
  • If your going to work, get training or education
  • How much support you think you’ll need from your Personal Adviser

This is a fact – when you reach 16 you will meet your PA who will support you to write a Pathway Plan, this plan helps you prepare for leaving care and says what support you should get. *Note* the Pathway Plan is a plan about your future and what you want to do. **Note** this is a contract between you and the Local Authority and if your plans are not met you can ask to review it.

This is a myth. If you are 18 to 25 and eligible to a service you are still entitled to:

  • A Personal Adviser
  • Assistance with employment
  • Education or training
  • Review your care plan
  • Anything else you might need advice and guidance with
  • Remain in touch

**Note** Depending on your leaving care status the council will provide some of the support above. If you are unsure speak to your leaving care PA.

This is a myth. Leaving care services cover the age range of 16 to 25 years.

This is a myth! Some young people are entitled to a support package. If you are unsure about this please contact The Leaving Care Service for more information.

Yes, this is a fact! Speak to your Social Worker or contact your local authority to find out how.

This is a myth your reviews are all about you and you should be able to choose where you have them and can even chair them if you like.  Ask your Independent Reviewing Officer about this and they should help you.

Yes; this is a fact that is laid down by law in the Children Act 1989.

You can ask for more frequent visits if you feel you need it. Speak to your Social Worker or Independent Reviewing Officer.

People often use the term ‘care leaver’ to refer to lots of different things and this can be confusing. It can be used to name somebody’s experiences or as a legal status.

Leaving Care services cover the age range of 16 to 25 years.

“What does ‘Looked After’ mean?”

This is the name given to all children that the local authority has some sort of responsibility for.  Sometimes people say ‘LAC’ (Looked After Child).  It includes all children that are on a care order and those who are accommodated. It sometimes includes children who are living at home and who the local authority has responsibility for.

If you are not sure you should ask your parent/carer, Social Worker, PA or support worker to check for you.

FACT – Yes you can – if you have an issue or concern you can ask your Social Worker or your Independent Reviewing Officer to bring your review forward.

FICTION – We will do our best to keep you in your “home” town. But sometimes we might not always be able to do this. It might be because it would be better for you to live further away. It should be explained to you why you can’t live near home by your Social Worker.