You Said! We Did!

This is the space where you can see the difference your involvement has made and see the power and influence your words have! 

SiLSiP said our Top Issue for 2016 is “Contact”

SiLSiP came up with the idea of having some cards to share some advice about things we think are important about contact, which might help you and everyone involved.

If you want a booklet ask your Social Worker or the Participation Officer

SiLSiP said our Top Issue for 2015 is “being bullied for being in care”.

In April 2016 a group of looked after young people worked on a stop motion animation project at South Hill Park looking at being a child in care and bullying. This film is intended to raise awareness and get people talking about the issues young people face.

Take a look at the finished film.

SiLSiP said that not all young people know what Life Story Work is and how to get it.

SiLSiP spoke to Managers and they said that as well as Social Workers doing this work a worker has been recruited who will specialise in Life Story Work.  She will begin working with young people who are most in need of Life Story Work.  For young people who have already started this work with their Social worker, this will continue so that it’s consistent. 

If you feel they need life story work they should speak to their Social worker or IRO.

SiLSiP said it would be good to be able to have your Looked After Child (LAC) Review and your PEP (Personal Education Plan) meeting together. 

SiLSiP spoke to the IRO’s and they said if you ask about having your meetings together it should be considered.  Speak to your Social Worker, Foster Carer or Independent Reviewing Officer.

SiLSiP said we sometimes get our LAC consultation booklets too late to fill them in for our meetings.

SiLSiP spoke to the IRO’s and you should now get your LAC review consultation booklets at least 10 days before our LAC review meetings. 

SiLSiP said we don’t always get our notes from our LAC review or see our Care Plan.

SiLSiP spoke to Managers and you should get the notes from your LAC review shared with you when your Social Worker next sees you.  (notes should be ready within 3 weeks) You should have your Care Plan explained too.  

SiLSiP said they wanted to be involved in helping to train social workers and foster carers about how it feels to be in care

Back in 2013, 8 young people gave up 4 days during their holidays to take part in the Train the Trainer project. They came up with a session called “Do you know?” 

The aim of the training is for Social Workers and foster carers to know how young people in care feel. The group created the logo, the name and made up the training activities to help the adults see things from their point of view. 

Over 150 people have taken part in the training so far.

We are always looking for new trainers, so if you’re interested in getting involved contact the Participation Officer

SiLSiP said that it’s difficult when a Social Worker leaves and it’s important to be told.

SiLSiP spoke to Managers and they said if your Social Worker leaves, where possible you should get a face to face “Goodbye Visit”. If they can’t visit to tell you, then you should get a card letting you know and who else you can contact.  SiLSiP helped to create some “Goodbye” cards.

SiLSiP said when their Social Worker changes they would like to know a bit more about them.

SiLSiP created an “About me” sheet to help get the conversation started.

SiLSiP said not all young people understand what an Independent Advocate is and thought a new leaflet would be good.

SiLSiP have created a new postcard.  Look out for it!

 SiLSiP said that when they move to new carers or change placement they don’t always know how to share their likes and dislikes.

SiLSiP came up with ideas on what young people want to know about carers and what they think carers should know about them to help make settling in easier. They created an “All about me” sheet to help get the conversation started.